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  • Bobbleheads in Seoul: Conversing with Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

    Evenings, Film & Video, Talks & Lectures, and part of Thursday Nights

    Jul 06

    Free with admission

    7—8 PM

    Samsung Hall

    Join the ever-enigmatic Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries for a conversation on the eve of the opening of their exhibition Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents: So You Made It. What Do You Know. Congratulations and Welcome! What will be the topic of conversation? Sports? Politics? Music? Food? Yes! 

    About Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

    Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (YHCHI) is known for its internet-based, Flash-animated texts set to original, jazz-infused compositions. Founded in 1998 and based in Seoul, YHCHI is a collaboration between CEO Young-Hae Chang (born in Korea) and CIO Marc Voge (born in the United States).

    As pioneers of “net art,” a term coined in the 1990s for art that utilized the internet as a medium, YHCHI remains true to its original aesthetic—employing early Flash animation, digital sound, and Monaco font, a typeface used in early web programming. Whether this aesthetic comments on obsolete technology or the rise of digital culture, it reflects the origin of YHCHI’s practice during the advent of the internet.

    YHCHI’s work exists between art and electronic literature, drawing inspiration from concrete poetry (verse that is graphically stylized on the printed page), literature, and film. Telling compelling stories, frequently presented in multiple languages, the artists investigate timely topics, cultural histories, societal issues, and interpersonal relationships. In a culture that privileges images and interactivity, this work, with its heightened cinematic treatment of text, poses a challenge: it forces the viewer to read.  

    YHCHI offers free and public access to the majority of its work on its website, www.yhchang.com.

Lead Sponsor

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents: So You Made It. What Do You Know. Congratulations and Welcome! is organized by the Asian Art Museum. Presentation is made possible with the generous support of Gorretti Lo Lui. Thursday Nights are supported in part by The Hearst Foundations, Inc., The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation, and Dodge & Cox.

Thursday Night Sponsors

Thursday Nights are supported by Nordstrom. Additional support is provided by The Hearst Foundations, Dodge & Cox, and The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation. 

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